R.B. Meets R.B. (Arby)

A great update on the Peke Doggie Diner I created for Potomac Valley Peke Rescue.  As you know, I create my diners for them in the images of the wonderful and beautiful Pekes they rescue and take such great care of.  This diner was created in the image of a little girl Peke named R.B.

A wonderful thing happened.  R.B. found her fur-ever home.  Her new mommy and daddy decided to call her R.B. but spell it Arby. 

 Arby’s new mommy saw the diner, thanks to Jeanne posting it on Potomac Valley Pekingese’s Facebook page and the rest is history.  R.B. the diner is now with Arby the little girl.  They both found their way.

I love happy endings like this.  I have pledged to create more diners for PVPR and every diner and/or creation will have one of the precious Pekes faces on it.  For every diner you buy from me privately, half always goes to the rescue to help them with veterinary care, food, beds, etc., for the precious lives they save.  One person may not save all the animals in the world.  But for every one we do save, it changes their world forever.


One response to “R.B. Meets R.B. (Arby)

  1. That is fantastic news! You just don’t know what will help. The more avenues, even inadvertent ones, can help save a life. Thank you for posting this heart-warming and inspirational story. Congratulations to RB and her new parents!!

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