About Me

My name is Patrice Marotta.  I was born in Brooklyn NY and now live in northern Illinois with my wonderful husband and my wonderful furkids, the sweetest little souls on earth.   Fortunately, I was born ” wearing many hats”.  I have a background in veterinary dentistry and wildlife biology.  I studied dolphins and primates in Australia and I’ve loved animals since I was a small child.  I was always the kid who never wanted to play with dolls and carriages, I walked around with plastic horses or dogs.  My first prize in first grade was for drawing a horse.  My kids have 4 paws.  I am the proud mommy of two Yorkies, four Shih Tzu and one Lhasa Apso.

In the early part of the 1990’s I rescued.  I started with Collie rescue and then started Silent Voices a small toy breed rescue for the rehabilitation of dogs and training of people.  It was much easier to train a dog then a human.  Anyone who has done rescue work knows it’s emotionally draining on your heart and I cry very easily. Today, I still keep rescue close to my heart.

With my kids, I stop at nothing to give them a perfect life.  I practice preventive medicine, great nutrition, clean and healthy environment, plenty of playtime and clean teeth. I also have one of the very best vets in the midwest area which I am lucky to have found.

In this blog I have added and will continue to add, some of the best links in nutrition for dogs, rescue, breeders for my favorite breeds and many other interests of mine. Don’t take my word for it that they are the best, use the link and research it yourself.  This blog is ongoing and much more will be added as time goes on.  Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

P.S…..Please respect my artwork and pictures on this blog.  Do not use them as your own that is stealing and when you steal you become a “dirtbag” (to put it nicely).  Just because it’s the internet and you think you can get away with it doesn’t mean you still aren’t a dirtbag.  I wouldn’t do it to anyone, so don’t do it to me.  Respect others. 

Thank you.

My Kids and Me.


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